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May 15, 2018 - Comment
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Sophisticat says:

Brilliant! Just brilliant! Fabulous film! Keaton is brilliant as our hero, Kroc, the door-to-door commercial salesman responsible for the outrageous growth of the McDonald’s franchise.Now, I say “our hero” and therein lies the joy of the film. This film does not preach, or judge Kroc. It simply gives it to us straight, and leaves us to make up our own minds about him. It is very easy to see him as an entrepreneur, a visionary, a hard-working all-American guy imbued with the Protestant work ethic…

le ulysses says:

I’ve never written a review about a film before but … This enjoyable film was tailor made for Michael Keaton who plays the part of the hustler really well. He’s done this before in “The Dream Team” and I guess this is his personality He plays an obsessive compulsive little man with a little boy inside his soul who just has to show off and get to the top to prove to himself and others that he’s a winner, which he isn’t. On the way he betrays everyone he works with and leaves a trail of misery behind him. It’s a good story, and although to…

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